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Serial 6, Scene #05

  • Updated : 2011-12-13 |
  • Length : 21:52 min |
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Starring Frenky, Brand Shay

Prison life isn't for everyone, but it's definitely good for these two Scary Fuckers!

Brantshy was washing up when Frenky decided to show him what men in prison do. There isn't time to think before Brantshy is down on his knees with a fat dick in his face. of course, he already knows what to do with it. Things quickly change as these inmates sixtynine and suck each other off on their tiny cot.

Frenky tops his cell buddy... hard! Bent over the bed, that cock comes at him so fast and hard, at first it seems overwhelming, but Brantshy enjoys it, and Brantshy himself is hard as a rock.

The pleasure is just too much, and Frenky pulls out and cums all over Brantshy's ass. Brantshy practically begs for a little more fun, and so Frenky slowly reinserts his cock.

Serial 6, Scene #05