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Rick Boy, Mr. Blade

  • Updated : 2012-03-06 |
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Starring Rick Boy, Mr. Blade

Mr. Blade creeps around the prison basement looking for Rick Boy, the prison slave, who has been locked up and kept for the sole purpose of his amusement. Mr. Blade approaches Ricks cell aggressively and noisily wakes him by banging on the metal bars with his nightstick. Rick Boy pretends to remain still as he knows what's coming. Mr. Blade begins to humiliate Rick by tossing a bucket of water on him, leaving him soaked and cold.

Blade enters the cell using his nightstick as a conductor to make sure that Rick Boy doesn't try to fuck around when he's choking on his big dick. Mr. Blade continues to orchestrate the encounter by making sure that Rick Boy gags, whines, gets treated like the prison slut that he is.

Rick Boy then eats Mr. Blade's hole while tugging his cock at the same time. After Mr. Blades is satisfied, he throws Rick to the floor, splits his legs, and starts jackhammering his hole. Mr. Blade then lifts and tosses him on to the bed for the ultimate doggy pounding. Once Mr. Blade gets close, Rick drops to his knees to swallow his load and licks up every last drop.

Rick Boy, Mr. Blade