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Renato Belaggio, Rogerio Matteo

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Renato and Rogerio are very dedicated handymen working the graveyard shift at the factory. What most of their fellow co-workers don't know is that they're also fucking each other during Renato's break. Foreplay usually consists of rubbing oil on each other, making sure their cocks are plenty lubricated.

A cardboard box on the floor, a little friction, and lots of oil make for a fun time as Renato and Rogerio take turns sucking each other. Of course, that only builds them up for the moment when Renato lays back, ass in the air, and lets Rogerio bury that huge, meaty cock in his tight, oily ass. The fun reaches a climax when Renato gets a nice, warm surprise in that puckered hole of his.


Renato Belaggio, Rogerio Matteo