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Alfredo, Ric Hammer

  • Updated : 2012-01-31 |
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Starring Alfredo, Ric Hammer

Alfredo and Ric were playing cards in a warehouse. Ric literally has an ace up his sleeve. This enrages Alfredo, but after a little posturing, it's clear what they both really want is a little manly action!

Some mutual cock sucking and ass eating leads to Ric laying on his back, with his ass up in the air. Alfredo, wearing nothing but his cap and boots, lubes up, and buries his manly rod in Ric's ass.

The fucking is intense, and Ric can't help but moan as Alfredo's cock slides in and out. Flipping him around and giving it to him from behind, Alfredo pounds away at Ric's gaping hole until it's too much and he needs to pull out and come.


Alfredo, Ric Hammer