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Renato Belaggio, Tom Gree

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Tom Gree closed up the bar and went back to where Renato Belaggio was waiting for him. With the bar all to themselves, they decide to have a little fun. Tom and Renato start by taking their cocks down each other's throat.

After getting each other excited, Tom bends his friend over, and slips his rock hard cock in Renato's bottom. Tom pounds away at his tight little hole while Renato moans and grunts in absolute pleasure.

Renato turns around and lays on his back, and lets Tom drive into him fiercely. This doesn't last long, however, as the the need to explode quickly builds up in Tom's balls. He unloads them all over Renato's throbbing, puckering hole, and then slides his cock back in. Feeling good, but not quite at the finish line, Renato strokes himself just a bit, and explodes over his own chest.

Renato Belaggio, Tom Gree