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Black Angel & Claudio Antonelli

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As a master interrogator, Black Angel knows how to get information. The helpless Claudio Antonelli sits quietly, anticipating what comes next. They both know he won't talk, so Black angel finds another way to get Claudio to open his mouth...

Tied and on his knees, Claudio gets fed so much cock it makes him choke. The only word Claudio can utter is, 'more', and Black Angel is more than glad to oblige!

Claudio still won't speak, so Black Angel pulls out of his mouth to give him a chance. He bends Claudio over the desk, pulls his pants down, and aims for penetration. Guiding his hard cock in fast and hard, Black Angel makes Claudio moan and scream. With his hands still tied behind him, all Claudio can do is clench his fists and shout.

Still wanting to get a little more out of his tight ass, Black Devil flips Claudio around, lifts his legs in the air, and buries his cock deep. It doesn't last long, though, as Black Devil is obliged to pull out and shoot is man cream all over Claudio's cheeks and hole. Black Angel then jerks Claudio off. Maybe now, he'll talk...

Black Angel & Claudio Antonelli