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Devil & Gilbert

  • Updated : 2012-07-10 |
  • Length : 18:58 min |
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Starring Devil, Usher

Gilbert was taking a smoke break in the back alley when Devil walked up to him. Sizing up the slim, almost twink-like young man, Devil shows Gilbert who's King of the Alley by pushing him down to his knees...

Balls pressed firmly his chin, Gilbert inhales Devil's entire tool. After a little throat action, Devil wants his ass eaten, and Gilbert, horny for this alpha brute, is all to happy to oblige, burying his tongue as far as it will go into Devil's ass.

Now that he's nice and hard, Devil grabs Gilbert by the jockstrap, and takes his tiny asshole. The sensation of a thick, throbbing cock ramming his ass keeps Gilbert rock hard, as he thrusts back, moans, and begs for more.

It's so much hard fucking that eventually, Devil can't take it any more and pulls out, emptying his balls all over Gilbert's chest. Now that he's done, Devil gives Gilbert a look that says, 'This is what you get for hanging out in my alley!'

You can be sure Gilbert will be back.

Devil & Gilbert