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Devil, David Sweet

  • Updated : 2012-10-16 |
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Starring Devil, David Sweet

Devil Fucks the Devil out of David Sweet's Sweet Ass!

Sitting next to each other Devil, David Sweet are both enjoying reading through porno mags. Very quickly, though, David wants the real thing, and runs his hand across Devil's pants. Getting the message, these two men start stroking each other.

Desperate for a taste of dick, David gets on his knees, and lets Devil fuck his mouth. David makes sure he runs his tongue all along Devil's cock, balls, and asshole.

After getting a good tonguing, Devil bends David over, aims right for his tight hole, and slides in. A massive figure, David can be quite imposing, and the sound of his hand smacking David's ass sounds almost like thunder. Taking deep breaths and moaning as he gets a proper ramming, David strokes himself. The action doesn't stop until it becomes too much for Devil, and he pulls out to spray his come all over David's chest.

Devil, David Sweet