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Jack Wright, Albert

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Starring Jack Wright, Albert

Jack Wright walks up to Albert and does a little strip dance for him. With Jack's groin within arm's reach, Albert gets a preview over the jeans. Jack whips it out, and Albert can't believe the size of that massive, uncut tool. Hungrily, he takes as much of it as he can down his throat.

Not to be outdone, Jack returns the favour, sucking and stroking Albert. He then flips Albert around, bends him over, and gets a taste of his tight little hole. A little toe kissing and licking ensue, before Albert bends over again...

Albert moans and strokes himself as Jack rams that long, thick cock all the way in and out of his asshole. Switching positions several times, by the time Albert is on his back with his ass in the air and Jack in his hole, he can't take it any more and cums all over his chest. Not long after, Jack pulls out and cums all over Albert's hole, and then pushes his cock back in. Now that is what you call a private dance!

Jack Wright, Albert