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Albert & Rogerio Matteo

  • Updated : 2011-11-29 |
  • Length : 22:56 min |
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It's important to the chained Albert that before anything else happens, he gets a chance to lick Rogerio Matteo's boots. Following that, he takes Rogerio's manhood deep down his throat, and gets him nice and hard for the next step in their fun...

Albert, wearing high leather boots, bends over and lets Rogerio slams his now super-rock-hard cock deep in his ass. While positions change, the intensity doesn't, and Rogerio has fun fucking and spanking his buddy, all the while reminding him that there's still a chain around his neck.

All good things come to an end, and when the moment's right, Rogerio wastes no time cuming in Albert's end!

Albert & Rogerio Matteo