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Junior & Alex T

  • Updated : 2012-11-03 |
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Starring Junior, Alex T

Alex T is getting his fill of cum tonight! After getting topped by two other Scary Fuckers, Junior steps into the room, and decides it's his turn to bang this whore.

Junior starts by bringing Alex to his knees, and shows him the huge tool that will fuck him. Alex takes as much as he can in his mouth, running the length of the shaft along his lips, and hungrily running his tongue across Junior's balls.

It's not long before Alex is in the position he loves the most... bent over and getting his hole pummeled! Junior grabs Alex's ass cheeks and drives through that hole with no mercy. 'Yeah! Yeah!' begs Alex while Junior enters him again, again, and again.

All Alex can do is bury his face in the couch and moan loudly as Junior continues to fill him. Junior feels his balls scream, with the sensation growing to a massive explosion. All Junior can do is empty himself into Alex and his throbbing fuck hole. When he's done, Junior slaps Alex's ass and leaves him alone to clean himself up.

Junior & Alex T