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Rodriguez, Santos

  • Updated : 2012-04-17 |
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Starring Alex T, Santos

Rodriguez and Santos are the very best of gym buddies. Together, they spot each other, pump iron, and work their muscles until they're cocks get hard. As best buddies, they do everything they can to watch each other's back even if it calls for some sucking and fucking.

Rodriguez gets down on his knees to start sucking on Santos' raw and sweaty cock. Rodriguez loves it so much that he lays down on the filthy gym floor so than Santos can sliver over him and feed him his cock while he continues to swallow Rodriguez's.

Rodriguez bends Santos over the multi-station and starts plowing away. Even though it's hard for Santos to receive Rodriguez swollen cock, he continues to take it because that's what gym buddies do at least when it comes to Rodriguez and Santos.

From the multi-station to the floor, Santos takes the ultimate ass pounding. Santos knows that if he does not let Rodriguez give him the cream pie that he deserves, there may be consequences...

Rodriguez, Santos