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Niko Blade, Steve Spy

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Starring Nico Blade, Steve Spy

Steve Spy was serving Niko Blade at the bar, however, the service wasn't top notch. Niko asked for a beverage, but that wasn't enough, he wanted Steve to shake his ass for him.

Niko looked unimpressed, and at first, made his boredom clear. When Steve didn't get the hint, Niko pulled his pants down, grabbed Steve by the skull, and buried his cock all the way down Steve's skull, so Niko's balls would touch Steve's chin.

Niko takes a swig while letting Steve gobble his dick. He then turns around and gets Steve's tongue buried deep in his ass. Once Niko's nice and hard, he bends Steve every which way and buries his big cock in his tight manhole.

Before it's all over, Steve drops a load all over his own chest while Niko pours his own man juice over Steve's face.

Niko Blade, Steve Spy