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Gabe Russel & Roberto Alegretto

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Gabe was on the couch smoking when Roberto walked up to him, his intentions clear. The two make out for a bit. To show his superiority, Gabe spits into Roberto's mouth and blows smoke into his face. Grabbing the twinkish Roberto by the hair, he guides his manhood towards those young lips, and doesn't stop until he gets it all down his throat.

After a little rimming to get that asshole wet, Gabe grabs Roberto's by the cheeks, and buries his cock deep in that tiny hole. Moaning in absolute pleasure, Roberto strokes his own cock while Gabe pulls his hair hard.

After moving to the couch and pounding away at Roberto's ass some more, Gabe pulls out and drops a huge, long-lasting load all over his cheeks and puckered hole.

Gabe Russel & Roberto Alegretto