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Raw Recruit, Scene #01

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Benny Long is breaking in a new recruit. Young, thin, and inexperienced in the ways of the army, Roberto Alegretto needs discipline.

Benny brings the young soldier to his knees and offers his massive fuckstick. Roberto is a talented cocksucker and proves it by taking all of Benny's hard meat into his mouth and throat, kissing, slurping and shoving it around. Benny fucks Roberto's face until his cock is super sloppy, but that's just the begining!

Horny and eager, Benny turns Roberto around, bends him over, and drives his huge rod into his raw recruit, splitting him in half. Roberto moans as his hole gets beaten in by hard, superior-officer cock. He strokes himself with one hand while hanging on to dear life with the other! When all is said and done, Benny holds down Roberto's face, and sprays his man juice all over his face and neck.


Raw Recruit, Scene #01

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