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Ronn Red & Victor Hunter

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Ronn and Victor were pumping iron. Topless. If they wanted to work out, that wasn't the best way to go about it. The athletic Ronn and the more muscular Victor are instantly attracted to each other. Very quickly, the weights are down, their dicks are up, and they are kissing each other's bodies up and down. Desperate and hungry, Victor kneels down and takes Ronn in his mouth. Pushing hard, he takes it his all, pushing his chin hard against Victor's balls. Ronn returns the favour, a he and Victor spend a little time in sixty-nine!

After gettin each other nice and hard, Ronn bends the bulky Victor over, and slowly inserts himself. Victor's tight ass is too good, and it's not long before Ronn is pounding him hard and fast. A firm spanking makes the muscular Victor lick his own lips. He moans as his little hole gets entered again and again by Ronn's rock hard cock.

With Victor back on his knees, he gets the full volume and taste of Ronn's load before spurting out one of his own.

Ronn Red & Victor Hunter