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Win Soldier & Alex T

  • Updated : 2011-03-01 |
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Starring Win Soldier, Alex T

Win Soldier likes a bottom that can take a pounding... and Alex T is that kind of bottom! Win walks in to find Alex bent over, ready for a really good fucking. He's already taken five loads to his ass, but Alex just hasn't had enough yet. That's where Win comes in, ready to slip his raging hard-on into a raw asshole.

Win slides into Alex with his thick manhood, as deep as he can. Alex just buries his face in the sofa and moans. Win rides that ass fast, rough, and hard, just the way Alex wants it...

One final thrust crushes Win's balls against Alex's, and he unloads them right into him. When all is done, Win is gone before Alex can turn away.

Win Soldier & Alex T