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Enrico Belaggio, Jack Dragon & Mickey

  • Updated : 2011-11-22 |
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Jack Dragon's a big man, and clad in leather straps, he looks more than a little intense... which is exactly how Enrico Belaggio likes likes his fuckbuds! The fun begins with Jack deepthroating Enrico, and Enrico quickly returning the favour.

Jack runs his tongue across Enrico's tight little butthole, getting it nice and wet for that hard tool of his. Then, shoulders to the ground and ass to the air, Enrico lets Jack drill him for all he's worth, until Jack has to explode.

The feeling of Jack's cock in his ass, along with all that messy cum in there, is also too much for Enrico, and he doesn't have to stroke his rock-hard dick much to make himself cum.

Treating Enrico like the little slut that he is, Jack lets his buddy Mickey come in for leftovers, and the fun continues for Enrico until he gets a second load in his ass.

Enrico Belaggio, Jack Dragon & Mickey