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Steve Hunt, Mickey A

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Starring Steve Hunt, Mickey

This is a pretty open bar. One look at the shirtless Steve Hunt, and Mickey A has his pants down with his fingers wrapped around his own cock.

Steve gets a look at his admirer, and quickly ends up on his knees, taking Mickey's sexy tool all the way down his throat. A little mutual sucking ensues, and Mickey then runs his tongue along Steve's tight little asshole. Getting it nice and wet, he makes his intentions clear...

Steve screams and begs for more as Mickey slams his rock-solid manhood deep in his ass. After getting it fast and hard from behind for a while, Steve lays on his back, and lets Mickey thrust into him some more while he strokes his own large cock.

Mickey enjoys this for as long as he can, and then pulls out, only to explode and spray Steve's hole with his man juice. This only gets steve turned on more, and he finally makes himself cum all over his own abs.

Steve Hunt, Mickey A