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Alfredo Castaldo & James Jones

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Alfredo is at the bar enjoying a drink when James walks in, shirtless and handsome. The share a smile, and quickly start making out. Almost immediately, James unzips Alfredo's pants, and starts deepthroating him. The favour is returned, although Alfredo has other things in store for his friend.

James gets into a little foot worship as he licks Alfredo's big toes and kisses his feet, but he's aching for something more... so he bends over a bar stool, and lets Alfredo hammer him from behind with his super-thick tool. James screams in pleasure as Alfredo's relentlessly james his dick in from all positions.

Alfredo cums all over James' tight little asshole, and then pushes as much of that cum into it as he can. It's not over, though, as James then finishes himself off, and licks the cum off his abs.

Alfredo Castaldo & James Jones