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Brad Russel, Enrico Belaggio & Tom Gree

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Brad is having a smoke when Enrico and Tom walk into the room, and they quickly recruit their friend into a three-way!

All guys take turns enjoying the pleasure of sticking dick in their mouths... but it gets interesting when Enrico gets his toes sucked by his friends. Not long after, though, he wants more fun, and bends over a bar stool. Brad and Tom catch on quickly, and Enrico gets banged at both ends by his friends. While getting a good taste of Brad's dick, Tom is slamming his manhood deep into enrico.

Tom and Brad switch places, but it's just too much for Brad, and he quickly cums in Enrico's ass!

Enrico lays on his back, and lets Tom enter him again. The feeling's great, and it's a little while before Tom also needs to spray his man juice all over Erico's cheeks and little hole. He makes sure to push some of that in. The fun's almost over, but Enrico, still turned on from getting fucked so hard and getting cum on, drops a huge load all over his nice abs!

Brad Russel, Enrico Belaggio & Tom Gree